The Feed and Go Feeder!

Welcome to the Feed and Go Feeder, the device that lets you feed and watch your dogs and cats from anywhere! Feed and Go is unlike any other pet feeder. With a voice recording system to record your own personal message for feeding time, a built in webcam so you can see your pet while you’re away from home, Wi-Fi connectivity for placement anywhere in the home, 6 eight oz cup sized food trays for dry and wet food, an easy cleaning removable feeding tray, sleek eye friendly modern design, and the ability to control any number of Feed and Go feeders from one login on any computer, tablet or smartphone, you won’t need anything else. The dimensions of a Feed and Go are 52L x 41W x 7H (centimetres).

While we don’t recommend a Feed and Go for lions, tigers or pigs, we have known lots of people that use their Feed and Go to feed their ferrets, rabbits an even a Peregrine Falcon!







Peace of Mind

Let’s be honest, we all miss our pets when we’re away from home and wish we could be there with them. Feed and Go can’t create magic but we can come close as we’ve installed a webcam within each feeder. When it’s time for your pet to eat, or if you just want to call him over to make sure he’s ok then you can log into your account from any computer, smartphone or tablet. And don’t worry if you forget to set up a schedule or are delayed unexpectedly, just log into your account and either select the Feed Now option or just schedule a feed for whatever time suits.






Let your Pet know!

Pets love nothing more than familiarity and structure. They’re no different to us. Give them regular love, make sure their food is on the table and they’ll be happy. Feed and Go has gone one stage further. When you get your feeder delivered and set it up, you’ll see that you can play your voice into the feeder, so that when your pet needs to be fed, or when you just want to call him over to make sure he’s ok, it’ll be you he hears.  You can record a message up to 6 seconds long and if you’re not happy, just do it again!







Schedule from Anywhere!

When we designed Feed and Go, we did it because we have pets ourselves and can’t always be around at the times they need to eat. We knew it was really important that our pets got fed on time and so we did something about it. Feed and Go gives you options to set up numerous regular feeding schedules which will just run continuously until you change them, or, if you prefer, you can also select feeds just for certain times and days. Probably the most flexible thing about Feed and Go is that you can even create feeding schedules or just set a one off feed from any computer, smartphone or tablet.



Dry AND Wet Food

During our research we found that there were a few pet feeders around that worked for dry food but nothing for wet food. One challenge was to build a motor strong enough to turn the tray that holds the food and the other was keeping the food fresh. We designed Feed and Go in such a way that when the top is closed, only one compartment is on display. How long wet food stays fresh food totally depends on the type of food and how hot it is where you live but we don’t recommend you leave wet food stored for longer than 24 hours.