You can stop worrying and start feeding your pet their food on time, every time.

Feed and Go, the world’s first online pet feeder, will allow you to control how much pet food your pet eats and monitor the progress of their feedings.

The Feed and Go device has 6 full cups to fill with pet food. In addition, you can make sure that the right amount of food is dispensed and record your own voice so your pet hears a familiar greeting when it is time to eat.

Plus, you can watch your pet eat their pet food and schedule feeding times from any Internet capable device, any where in the world. So, the next time you need to be away at the office or have a short getaway planned, you can still make sure that your pet eats on time.

Feed and Go works with a wireless Internet connection and Wi-Fi router. Once connected you can login to your online account to control how and when your pet eats their pet food.

Are you ready to feed your pet on time, every time? Let Feed and Go make your life easier.