Automatic Pet Feeder

Feed & Go: The World’s First Online Pet Feeder

The automatic pet feeder, Feed & Go, allows you to feed your pet from an online interface or app, ensuring your pet is always fed.

You may have heard about automatic pet feeders before. These will allow you to feed your dog or cat when you’re not around. Now there is Feed & Go, the first online pet feeder. What is an online pet feeder? It’s the newest in technology, allowing you to feed your pet from an online interface or smart phone app so you determine when your pet eats, no matter where in the world you may be.

What is an Online Automatic Pet Feeder?

An automatic pet feeder distributes food on a schedule. An online automatic pet feeder gives you even more control over when the food is given to your pet – and provides you with a number of other features to give you peace of mind that your dog or cat is eating properly when you’re not there to take care of them for yourself.

Online, you control the schedule of the feedings. You can do this from an online interface or from a smartphone app. Either way, you enter the schedule. You can do this before you go or while you’re on the road. The feeder is set up on a Wi-Fi or wireless internet connection so you have 24/7 access to the feeder – and your pet.

When you use the online automatic pet feeder, you can tap into really cool features. This includes a webcam to check out your pet eating and calling your pet over to do regular check-ins. You can also use the speaker to talk to your pet with a pre-recorded six second message. If you like to talk to your pet in a special voice when it’s feeding time, this is your chance to make sure this still happens, even when you’re not home.

Why Do You Want an Automatic Pet Feeder Online?

If you’ve used an automatic pet feeder for years, you may be wondering why you need one that is online? Technology has enabled us to create a feeder that provides you with more peace of mind. Not sure if your pet is actually eating? You can use the webcam to check to see how much they have actually eaten.

Have you ever run out of the house so fast that you forgot to change the settings on the feeder? When you have an online feeder, you can go online at any time to make changes to the schedule. This ensures your pet is eating when they should, no matter where you are.

You don’t have to ask neighbors to come over and feed your pet. You don’t have to lay awake at night wondering if your pet is eating because he or she misses the sound of your voice. With the automatic pet feeder online, you get to put all of your worries at bay. Your pet will get the food needed because the feeder has been tested again and again.

Have you been looking for a pet feeder to solve your need to feed your pet on time, every time?

Well, maybe you are a busy professional overwhelmed with work or possibly you travel often. Feed and Go, the world’s first online pet feeder will allow you to match your needs with the perfect solution. Your pet can now have the right amount of food when you want them to have it.

With this pet feeder, you can watch your pet any time with the built in webcam. Once you hook up your device with a Wi-Fi router and wireless connection, you can control it from anywhere in the world via your cell phone or computer.

When you are logged in to your online account, you can schedule your feedings and even watch your pet eat. You can also record your voice to broadcast from the pet feeder at the times you schedule feedings.

The Feed and Go device has 6-cup size compartments that can dispense your pet’s food when you schedule it. You just need to login to your Internet capable device and input the times your pet needs to be feed.

So, stop thinking about it, call us today and make feeding your pet one less thing on your to do list.

Let Feed and Go make your life easier.