Learn more about all the features of a Feed and Go. Watch the video below to learn about the built in webcam, how Feed and Go is wet and dry food safe, how you can control a Feed and Go from any device and loads more.

Further down, there are 6 tutorial videos, all of which focus on helping you with a little part of setting up your Feed and Go from the initial set up to setting your preferences, to logging in to watch your pet when you’re away from home.

Every Feed and Go video is designed to be really funny and we hope you get smile as much watching them as we did when we made them.


What is Feed and Go?

Setup Video One

Learn whats in the Feed and Go box and how to remove all the packaging.

Setup Video Two

Here you can see how to plug in your Feed and Go and get connected to the internet so that you can begin setting up your feeder.

Setup Video Three

Find out what all the buttons on your Feed and Go are for. See how to unlock it, what the different lights mean and how to record your voice into the feeder.

Setup Video Four

See how to register your Feed and Go online. This video explains how to set up your account on the Feed and Go website, how to add multiple feeders on the same account, set your pet feeding notifications and how to set the time and date.

Setup Video Five

How to feed and watch your pets online – Video 5 shows you the 3 options for feeding your pet – feed now, one-off feeds and regular feeding schedules. You’ll also see how to delete feeds, check your pet’s feed histories and how to use the awesome webcam!

Setup Video Six

Here’s how to maintain your feeder. You’ll see how to clean it and the best tips for making sure your Feed and Go works as well as possible.