Feed and Go is the World’s 1st smart pet feeder that allows pet owners to feed their pets from anywhere.  Built in features include;

Webcam – allows pet owners to view their pets on any device via a webcam that’s built into the front of the feeder.

Wet or dry food friendly – Feed and Go was designed to accommodate both types of pet food.

Wi-Fi – Feed and Go has Wi-Fi built in to allow pet owners to easily connect the feeder to their selected wireless network.

Controllable from anywhere – Feed and Go can be operated with any smartphone, handheld device or computer.

Multi scheduling – Pet owners can set multiple one-off or repeating schedules for their pets, allowing for consistency in their pets diet, even when the owner can’t be at home.

Personal voice recording – Pet owners can record their own message into the feeder which their pet can hear at feeding time, or when the owner just wants to call their pet over to the webcam.