Company Background:

single feeder feed and go

Feed and Go is the World’s first smart pet feeder, designed to make busy pet owner’s lives easier by allowing them to feed their loved ones on the go.

Feed and Go was created as our CEO, Marissa McDaniel, needed to find a way to feed her 3 dogs and she couldn’t find a solution on the market that suited her needs.

A Pepperdine, CA graduate, Marissa has a Business degree. Having been taught a sense of ‘you can do anything you aim for’ from her father, a former Commander in the US Navy, she just decided that “I might as well just get on with it then.”

Marissa spent over 12 months researching with over 1200 other pet owners what they would love to see in a pet feeder if they could invent a product from scratch.

Armed with a vision, Marissa sounded out various companies, each with experience in the areas that she would assistance with. Of course, inventing any product from scratch was a challenge, but with Feed and Go, which contains a lot of technology, there were a large amount of hurdles to get over.

Independently funded, by a wealthy entrepreneur that really bought into both Marissa and her idea, she was able to set the wheels in motion, build a team of experts around her and progress her idea.

3 years, numerous prototypes, massive budget overspend, sleepless nights, and 4 broken nails later, Feed and Go was ready for action.



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