Automatic Dog Feeder

Automatic Dog Feeder for Dog Food

Are you a busy dog owner? Feed & Go allows you to make sure your dog is given regular and measured feeds with an automatic dog feeder.

There’s nothing worse than being a busy dog owner. Just because you’re busy doing a million and one things, you don’t want your dog to suffer. This is why there is the option of feeding your dog automatically. With an automatic dog food feeder in place, you are able to feed your dog when and where it is convenient for you – with the press of a button from your phone.

Setting Up the Automatic Dog Feeder

Setting up the automatic dog feeder is designed to be convenient for you. The Feed & Go will hold up to six different feedings. Each compartment is air tight and allows you to store a significant amount of food, which makes it perfect for any breed of dog that you may have. Because the feeder is air tight, it also ensures you can use dry food, wet food or a combination of both.

When you know you aren’t going to be home for the day or a few days, you can use the automatic dog feeder for all of your dog’s food. This makes it easy to feed your dog without relying on any of your neighbors. Simply portion your dog’s food into the six compartments to ensure he or she has enough food for each feeding. When you are concerned about how much is being given to your dog at each feeding, this controls it for you.

Using the Automatic Dog Feeder

When you are ready to start using the automatic dog feeder, you simply go online or use the app on your phone to schedule the feeding. You can choose to “feed now” or schedule a feeding for later on in the day or even the next day. You choose the method that is convenient for you based upon your schedule.

There are a number of features built into the automatic dog feeder. A speaker is connected, allowing you to play a message. This is ideal for calling your dog over for feeding time or to call the dog over so you can check on their wellbeing.

There is an integrated web cam, allowing you to see your dog up close and personal. This can be used during feeding time or any time of the day or night when you are lonely and want to see how your pooch is doing.

The entire system works on a wireless internet connection. Plus, the system plugs into the wall, so you never have to worry about the battery dying and being unable to feed your dog when you are not there.

The system is simple and it’s the best way to feed your dog when you are not able to get home to take care of it yourself. The features found within Feed & Go allow you to control everything, including when your dog eats, how much your dog eats and how your dog will be called over to enjoy the meal.

Are you ready to make sure that your dog eats their dog food on time, every time? Well, Feed and Go, the world’s first online pet feeder, makes it possible.

Every dog has different nutritional needs. Maybe you have a dog with a health condition or you simply want to make sure you feed them a certain amount of food each time they eat. With Feed and Go you can schedule feeding times even when you are away.

Setting up Feed and Go is easy. All you need is a Wi-Fi router and Internet connection and you can login into your account from anywhere to schedule feeding times. Feed and Go is the answer for busy dog owners that are afraid of forgetting to feed their pets on time. With Feed and Go, you can make your dog feedings reliable.

Feed and Go has 6 compartments for you to fill with food or medication. Plus, you can record commands in your voice and your dog will hear them when it is time to eat. By logging into your online account, you can even watch your dog eat their dog food.

Ready to get started with always on time delivery of your dog food? Let Feed and Go make your life easier.