Diet for Dogs

Diet for Dogs: An Automatic Dog Feeder

You can put your dog on a diet. Make sure they eat the right amount of food at the right amount of time with an automatic dog feeder.

You may need to put your dog on a diet, especially if you have been looking at the side of the dog food bag for advice as to how much to feed your pooch. Dog food companies are in the business to make money – and they do that by selling more dog food. You need a realistic amount to feed your dog and we can help with these calculations. This can ensure you are feeding your dog an appropriate amount of food without worrying about whether your dog will put on any unwanted pounds.

Making a Diet for Dogs Easier

When it comes to a diet for dogs, you have to measure out each and every meal. You may decide to feed your dog one meal a day to make it seem like more food or you may choose to feed your dog twice a day using half of the total food amount at each serving to make it seem like your dog gets to eat more frequently. You may have to use trial and error to see which works best for your dog.

If you aren’t going to be home for a day or two, you don’t want to dump a big ol’ amount of food into a dish and let your dog have at it. That’s certainly not going to help your dog lose any kind of weight. The solution is to use an automatic dog feeder so you can determine how much is being given to your dog at each feeding – and you control when the food is being given to your dog.

Using an Automatic Dog Feeder

By using an automatic dog feeder, you give them the right amount of food at the right time of day, every day. You don’t have to rely on neighbors measuring out the food. And you can make sure your dog is eating all of the food by using the built in webcam that Food & Go offers.

Your dog may go from one extreme to the other. One day, your pooch may eat all the food. The next day, your pooch may barely touch the food. Depending on how they are eating, you can control when the food is given to them because the feeder is on a wireless internet connection. You simply log in and change the schedule if they haven’t eaten their food from earlier in the day so they don’t have excessive amounts of food suddenly available to them.

If you want to check to see your dog for any reason, you can use the webcam. This allows you to see your dog eating or just because you miss him or her.

Also, you have the benefit of six air-tight compartments. This allows you to use dry and wet dog food. Depending on what you feed your dog, you can even choose to place dry in one and wet in another – and that will allow you to feed your dog one in the morning and one in the evening.

You may not be able to feed your dog personally, but Feed & Go is a close second.

Have you been thinking about making sure that your pet eats the right amount of food all the time? Has your veterinarian prescribed a diet for your dog?

Well, Feed and Go is the solution for your dog food diet needs. Feed and Go is the world’s first online pet feeder that allows your dog to follow a scheduled dog food diet. It has 6 full cup size compartments that you can fill with food that you have measured and schedule the food to be dispensed when you want them to have it. You can also record your voice so that they can hear you on command when it is time to eat.

So, you can stop worrying about their dog food diet and monitor the progress they are making instead.

All you need is a wireless router and Internet connection and you start automating your dog food diet. Once you login to your online account you can make sure to schedule the feedings, watch your pet eat and review their feedings by date range. All of this can be done anywhere in the world.

Ready to make sure your pet is healthy? Let Feed and Go make your life easier.