Automatic Cat Feeder

Automatic Cat Feeder for Cat Food

Are you a busy cat owner? Feed & GO allows you to make sure your cat is given regular and monitored feeds with an automatic cat feeder.

If you’re busy, you want to make sure your cat is fed at proper intervals throughout the day. You shouldn’t have to depend on someone else to put out a bowl of cat food for your cat – and that’s why there is new Feed & Go. This allows you to put the food on a timer so your cat is fed when you determine they should be fed – and they are given the correct amount of food every time.

Using an Automatic Cat Feeder

There’s nothing easier than using the Feed & Go automatic cat feeder. You want your cat to eat a particular amount of food at each feeding – and that’s what you get when you use the feeder. There are six compartments to use for measuring food. Within the compartments, you can place dry or wet food. You never have to worry about the wet food drying out because the containers have been specially designed to be near air tight – and they have been tested, too.

Your cat deserves to be fed on a regular schedule – and that’s what you get with the automatic cat feeder. You can use your app or the online portal to feed your cat on a schedule that you determine – or you can choose to feed your cat at the very moment you log on.

The entire system is set up on a wireless internet connection, so you have access to the feeder 24/7.

The Features of an Automatic Cat Feeder

You may have used an automatic cat feeder in the past. Whatever you used, it’s nothing like the automatic cat feeder by Feed & Go, simply because Feed & Go is more automated, allowing you to control everything by way of an app on your phone. There are also many features built into the feeder you won’t find anywhere else.

One of the first features is a recorded message. If your cat has grown accustomed to you calling out his or her name in a special way right before you put the dinner dish down, you can record this message and play it. This way your cat will come running over to enjoy the food, even when you’re not at home to place it on the floor yourself.

Another feature is a webcam. The webcam allows you to see your cat in action, eating the food. This also allows you to check to see how much of the food has been eaten. Should you simply want to check on the well-being of your cat, you can use the webcam to call your cat over and see how he or she is doing.

The automatic cat feeder simply is the best way to feed your cat when you’re not around. You get the peace of mind to know your cat is eating and you know that your cat is only eating the amount you have allotted for the day.

You can finally stop worrying about leaving your cat without cat food when you are on a weekend getaway or away from home for an extended time.

Feed and Go, the world’s first online pet feeder, allows you to feed your cat on time, every time. You can also control how much your cat eats. The Feed and Go feeder has 6 full cup size compartments that can deliver wet and dry cat food. When you need it, your cat food will be delivered at the time you want and the right amount of food will be dispensed.

So, the next time you are ready to get away, you no longer need to worry a friend or a neighbor about refilling a bowl. You can schedule your cat food in advance and dispense it at scheduled times.

All you need is a Wi-Fi router and wireless Internet connection and you can control your feeding times online, 24/7 from your cell phone, computer or tablet. Once you are logged in to your account, you can feed your cat, schedule new feedings and even watch your pet eat via the pet camera installed on the feeder. You can also schedule recordings so that your cat will hear your familiar voice when they eat.

Are you ready to feed your cat on time, every time? Let Feed and Go make your life easier.