Diet for Cats

Diet for Cats: Automatic Cat Food Diet Feeder

Have you been thinking about putting your cat on a diet? To make sure your cat eats the right amount of Food an automatic cat food diet feeder can help.

Cats can become obese very quickly. You may be surprised by how much food they actually need – especially when you compare it to how much you have been feeding them. By using an automatic cat food diet feeder, you can ensure you are only feeding your cat the right amount of food, even when you are away for a few days.

How to Maintain a Diet for Cats

You care about your cat – and this means making sure your cat is able to walk around with ease. If your cat puts on too many extra pounds, it can make it hard for your cat to walk easily and make it hard for them to groom themselves properly. Cats need to be light and this may require you to put your cat on a diet.

If you’re not always home, you may be guilty of overfeeding your cat. You simply pour a bunch of cat food into the bowl, change out the litter box and disappear for a few days. This may be great for your kitty but it’s horrible for their weight. You can do better for your cat by using an automatic cat food diet feeder to help with a diet for cats.

Using an Automatic Feeder for a Diet for Cats

When you are headed out for a day or two, you can use an automatic feeder for a diet for cats. The Feed & Go allows you to measure out the amount of food you will give your cat at each feeding. Once the feeder is filled, you can head out the door.

By going to an online interface or using your smart phone with a special app, you can schedule the food to become available to your cat. You can choose to feed them in that moment or schedule the food to be opened at a later date.

The entire auto feeder works with a wireless internet connection. Your feeder will be able to operate because it is transmitting data from the online interface or smart phone. There’s also a webcam built in, allowing you to view your cat and the feeding tray 24/7. You can log on at any time to see what’s going on – making it a great way to check on your cat.

Do you like calling your kitty in a fun way when it’s dinner time? If you’re worried your cat won’t eat because of not hearing your call, don’t worry. There’s a speaker and a way to record up to six seconds of your voice. You can play it at feeding time or to call your kitty over to the camera to do a little check in.

Your cat needs to be on a diet. He or she cannot eat unlimited amounts of food. When you’re away, you can still ensure the food is being measured by measuring it before you go – and then using an app to schedule when the food is given out.

Maybe you’ve noticed that your cat has gained a few pounds. You want them to be healthy, but you just don’t think you have the time. Well, now you can easily make sure that your cat eats the right amount of food every time they eat. Feed and Go, the world’s first online pet feeder, allows you to administer a cat food diet with ease.

You can measure your cat’s food and then, with Feed and Go, you can dispense it at the times you have scheduled. You can schedule feedings days in advance and ‘instantly’ schedule food to be dispensed if you forget. You can even record your voice so that they can hear it on command when they eat.

All you need is a wireless router and Internet connection and you can control your cat food diet online, any time. Once you are logged into your account, you can monitor your cat’s progress by watching them eat, reviewing weekly logs and scheduling exact feeding times.

So, stop worrying about being too busy. You don’t need to be at home every time your pet needs you eat. Just set it and forget about it. Let Feed and Go help make your cat food diet a success.