Cat Feeders

Cat Feeders: Automatic Cat Food Feeders Online

Our automatic cat feeders have 6 full cup compartments to fill with cat food. You don’t have to worry about someone putting a bowl out for your cat any longer.

Automatic cat food feeders online make it easy for you to control how much food is given to your cat and when. Instead of asking friends or neighbors to feed your cat, you can do it each and every morning and night – without stepping foot into your home. When you have Feed and Go, you click inside our desktop or mobile online portal to feed your cat, talk to your cat and even watch them eat.

Why You Need Automatic Cat Feeders

Why do you need automatic cat feeders? Think about the fact that you want to make sure your cat gets fed at the same time every day, even when you’re not at home. Cats are very accustomed to a schedule, whether you realize it or not. You can’t expect someone else to adhere to your schedule, which is why an automatic cat feeder comes in handy.

With Feed and Go, you are able to determine how much cat food is given and when. All of the food is in an air tight container, ensuring you can use dry or wet cat food. After all, just because you go away for a day or two doesn’t mean you have to change the kind of food you feed your kitty. If this has been the way it has always been, you can finally change your ways – and make your kitty happier in the process.

Why Feed and Go is the Automatic Cat Feeder You Want

There are many automatic cat feeders on the market. Most of them have no control as to how much food is given to the cat or when. Additionally, the cat feeder will only hold dry food, which means your cat isn’t going to like what he or she is getting if they are used to getting stuff out of the can. You don’t want to disappoint your cat. You also don’t want to over-feed your cat. Feed and Go was designed to ensure this doesn’t happen.

What features does Feed and Go have that makes it so unique? One of the first things you will notice is that it connects via wireless internet. The reason for this is because it is able to connect you to it when you’re not in the house. Whether you are at work or away on a vacation halfway around the world, you will be able to feed your cat. You can log in with a smartphone app or an online interface to schedule the feeding.

The Feed and Go also has a built-in webcam. You can log in 24/7 to watch your cat from the webcam to see what they are doing, when they are eating and even how much they have eaten. There is also a speaker built into the feeder that plays your voice recording. This way you can announce when their meal is ready so they know to come out of hiding and eat.

You may not be able to feed your cat in person all the time – and that’s why Feed and Go is a must.

Have you been searching for the perfect cat feeder so you can make sure your cat gets feed when and how you want them to?

Well, search no further, Feed and Go, is the world’s first online pet feeder that allows you to control how much your cat eats, each time they eat.

Feed and Go has 6 full cup compartments to fill with food. So, now you don’t have to worry about someone putting a bowl out for your cat. You can now have the perfect cat feeder that will allow your cat to eat when they need to.

All you need to do is make sure you have an Internet connection and hook the cat feeder up properly to a wireless router. Then you will have access to the Feed and Go feeder from anywhere in the world.

From your online account, you can also see when your pet ate, how much they ate and even watch them eat. Plus, you can record your voice so that your cat hears you when it is time to eat.

So, go ahead, make your life easier and feed your cat on time, every time with Feed and Go, the cat feeder you’ve been dreaming about.

Let Feed and Go make feeding your cat simple.